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:star: :star: oh yeah, check out my comission, it still OPEN :  Point Commission Sheet by BiPinkBunny :star: :star:

:star::star: Interview with the original comic characters

these idea was inspired by a friend of mine :3
This is very
easy and anyone can join :meow:

you, which follows the comic should know about my boys
or maybe the powerpunks or Gno-kun LOL

You want to ask something for them? Is there anything you would like to know that the comic didn't show up about them???

Then now is your chance to ask because my charas. will answer you :)!

:bulletpink: RULES: I'll select a few questions each week, and I'll do a drawing exposing your question and the characters answering this question!
* you
can ask specifically for a character, or to the group

* You can ask about anything XD but except intrusive or disrespectful questions.

The question is valid only for the original characters of the comic(except the powerpunks), the PPGZ or RRBZ aren't included here.


1- :iconrocuevas: for
Powerpunk Girls: How did you get your powers?
:iconkuraikitsune13:  :bulletgreen: Shou, if you live in a universe where all kind of hats exist, what kind of hat would you want to have the most?
3- :iconwanda92: :bulletred: Hibiki, how come you're very serious all the time?  :star:
*  When is the last you've become a student council president?
4-:iconzschaber: :bulletwhite: gno-kun, What Gno-kun does to chill out? :star:
5: :iconjoelcanario: :bulletgreen:Shou, Will you do anything to make Shirou Good? :star:
6- :iconrockergirl17: :bulletblue: Shirou, why are you jealous of hibiki? :star:
7 - :iconmusicolour24: :bulletgreen:Shou, when did you first start art/painting?
8- :iconwatermuffintop: :bulletgreen:Shou, can you kiss brute on her cheek?
9- :iconkogafangirl4life: :bulletred: Hibiki, what do you really think about your brothers?
10- :iconmaryblood: :bulletwhite: Gno-kun, what type of girl is your type???
11- :iconregina1302: :bulletgreen: Brute, Hey Brute do you like Shou?
12- :icontheprotecters: :bulletblue: Shirou, why do you not like shou or hibiki?
13- :iconbbsevolear: :bulletyellow: JJ-boys, What do you like best about your brothers/team 
:bulletyellow: jjboys, What are your opinions of the Powerpunks?
:bulletgreen: Shou: what's the most upset you have ever gotten?
:bulletred: Hibiki: What do you hope to improve about yourself?
:bulletblue:Shirou: Which do you not dislike the most: Shou or Hibiki and why?
14- :iconryokabakara: :bulletgreen: Shou, how did Brutes hair turn out I never saw how it came to look like? :star:
15- :icondream-and-believe:   :bulletred:Berserk, what would happen if you're the leader instead of Brat? :star:
16- :iconzenet2527: :bulletred:Berserk, what do you do when you're bored to pass time faster???
17- :iconmikotohidotori: :bulletgreen: Brute, if you were given the chance to destroy Shou, in what way would you do so?
18-:iconcrown1721: :bulletblue: Brat, what would you do if you accidentally made Shirou angry?
19- :iconmaligngenius: :bulletblue: Shirou, what's on your mind most of the time when you see Hibiki/Shou?

20- :iconkingofthedragons1: :bulletpurple:
* Berserk, what do think of Zachary Jr. as your boyfriend?
* JJ boys have u meet RRB?
* Hibiki, do u know differences Between Brick and Zachary Jr.?
* for JJ boys and PPNKG, May I see your Bare Feet?
*I dare JJ-boys to tickle torture Powerpunks.
* for all of you, What's your pokemon team?
*I dare Powerpunks to tickle torture JJ-boys.
21- :iconneko-ppg-creepypasta: :bulletyellow: To JJ-boys,do any of you have crushes on the PPGZ ?
22-:icondarth-brick: :bulletred:Hibiki, do you sometimes admire yourself in the mirror?
23- :iconnena-linda-pink: :bulletblue: Shirou, do you like brat? By that I don't mean as friend
24- :iconppglover12642: :bulletgreen: Hey Shou do you like to do people's hair or do you like to do other things?
25-:iconaltrilast13: :bulletgreen:Shou,has any girl from your school ever confessed to you?? Wink/Razz
26-:iconkaro0lina: :bulletred:Hibiki, What would you do if you had ice powers?
27- :iconrockergirl17: :bulletblue: Shirou, what will you do if one of my character like like you?
28- :iconhuntresskitty1: :bulletred: what would Hibiki's reaction be if Berserk kissed him on the cheek? :star:
29- :iconminecrafroger: :bulletyellow:jjboys, if you get to meat the Power Puff Girls, wold you consider dayting any of them?
30- :iconbutchercup: :bulletgreen: Shou, why do you love Shirou so much?
31- :iconle-potatos-fly: :bulletgreen:  Shou, Would you like to transform Kasumi in another masterpiece of art? XD
32- :iconenthriex: :bulletred:Hibiki: What would you do if you were tied all day with Shirou (without being able to escape for the entire day) 
:bulletblue:Shirou: What would be the only activity you´d enjoy/don´t mind doing with your brothers?
:bulletgreen:Shou: If you had another hairstyle, what would you like it to be?
33- :iconsissiissis: :bulletwhite: Gno-sama!!! If Cutie-Cutie Shou-kun asked you to let him make a portrait of you (showing your super sexy beauty)  would you let him do it??
34- :iconneruiwasaki:  :bulletgreen:Shou, why you are so affectionate to your brothers?
35- :iconejb1997: :bulletblue: Shirou, what would you say to knowing that there are quite a number of girls who prefer your bad boy personality and style, over Hibiki's so called, "perfect and god-like", persona? (Including me XD)
36-:iconvaleria1314151611: :bulletyellow: What would the JJ-boys think of the Power Puff Girls Z if they met?
37- :iconlaurapeace: :bulletwhite: Gno-kun what are your thoughts / feelings on Nissaki(present time Masaru) you think he's cute? sSame question for Nissaki.
38- :iconyuffieheart: JJboys: would you like to think of Jomo as your mom or dad? ^^
39- :icondarkiwolf: :bulletgreen: Shou, I know you knew Kasumi a short time, but what you think about her?
40- :iconbunnygal2: :bulletwhite: Gno, would you ever concider having short hair? (Not that long hair's a problem)
41: :iconreizeropein: :bulletorange:Jomo, since its first appearance in the comic, you didn't accept the jj-boys, even though they are your children, and you made ​​them to save the city. Why you don't  accepted them?
42-:iconkoolkat97: :bulletyellow:JJ-boys: can you tell us a bit more about yourselves? And what type of girl you guys like (as a friend or maybe as a crush) ?
:bulletblack: PPNK: What are your opinion towards the boys? And what type of boys you girls like (as a friend or crush)?
43- :iconrunamgames: :bulletblack: How is the PowerPunk Girls dad/creator?
44- :iconhinako29: :bulletblue:Shirou : why do you hate being a hero ? 
:bulletred:Hibiki : What do you do to have fun ? 
:bulletgreen:Shou : Do you ever felt angry ?
45- :iconppgliker: :bulletblack: PPNK, What special powers do you have
46- :iconxtremex47:  :bulletpurple: for the boys and the girls :D (Big Grin) if you six were to be coupled with each other who would you pick?
47- :iconreizeropein:  :bulletwhite: Gno-kun, on the previous events in the  edo period and edo-mirror world .. and now in the current mirror world.
my question is ... what is your dream, and that reason?

48-:iconryokabakara: :bulletpurple: To Jj-boys and powerpunks, what would be you reaction to the rowdyruff boys and Powerpuff girls Z
49- :iconfulaser2s: The last question with Berserk close to Hibiki for a kiss.
50- :icontophfaith: :bulletgreen: shou, where do you keep your emergency fashion kit? If it comes out of nowhere, are you a magical unicorn???
51-:iconlucitwilight: :bulletyellow: JJ-boys, if you saw the ppnkg crying, you would console them? (benny with berserk, buddy with  brat and brute with bard)
52- :iconask-sunny143: :bulletblack: Berserk and Brute, Can you meet me because I am bored!!!
:bulletblack: Anyway, what would happen if Shou loves Brat? He's kinda cute anyway!!!!
53- :iconneoisi: :bulletgreen:Shou-kun, Do you think that Jomo is the main reason why your brothers are so distant to each other?"
54- :iconrunamgames: :bulletblack:PPunkG, if you hand a new power and a evolution what would it be and look like?
55- :iconrockerdeej: :bulletgreen: shou, can shou kiss kasumi on the cheek? 
56- :iconblosick247: :bulletred: I dare Benny to kiss berserk.

I hope to see your comments :la: thank you!

oh yeah, check out my comission :  Comic strip comission Points/paypalSTATUS: OPEN

:star: Well .... I'm on my vacation, and for a limited time I'll accept requests to make comission comic strips.
:bulletred: I can do everything except: complicated robots .... vehicles .... "complex" weapons and blablabla you imagine where this goes.
:star: OBS: I can work with mature stories as involving Yuri or Yaoi or even hentai :) but  depending on the "type of scenes" of the request this could mean an extra cost.
FRAMES: 350 :points: per frame
*Limit of 2 characters per frame, the more than that would cost extra*

:bulletpink: 1300 :points: OR $ 13,00
:bulletblue: 300 :points: (limit for 4 extra-frames, ie, 2x 300 points = 600 points for 4 extra frames)
my comic samples:
[Star!] Note me if u have If you are interested in buying it :) THANK YOU!
I need help to save some money


Onlyne Z Chap.4- Not your common rrb team 32 by BiPinkBunny
Onlyne Z Chap.4- Not your common rrb team 32
page 32


previous: Onlyne Z Chap.4- Not your common rrb team 31 by BiPinkBunny

página 32

más tarde ese día.

shou: Me alegro de que ha aceptado a venir y comer helado conmigo!

Hibiki: sí, lo siento por lo que pasó hoy con Shirou. Yo todavía no sé por qué lo hice.

shou: Está bien! Cuando tenemos un amigo en peligro, es natural de hacer todo lo posible para salvarlo, ¿verdad?

Para ser honesto, yo estaba confundido al principio. Pero sus sentimientos para proteger a su amigo eran tan sincero que me impresionó!

* Dejando *

Hibiki? Qué es? ¿He dicho algo malo?

Hibiki: * suspira *

lo siento, pero las cosas no son lo que parecen. Usted es nuevo aquí, así que no sabes nada de nosotros. Tengo mis problemas con Shirou. No le gusta y no me fío de él, porque él no se merece eso de mí!

él traicionó mi confianza hace unos años de una manera baja y sucia que nunca lo podría perdonar ello.

así que no vayas por ahí diciendo cosas que no conoces! Porque escuchar esas cosas me recuerdan todo el dolor que sentía en el pasado. Todo porque yo era un niño que cree todo!

* Pant, pant ...

So-lo siento! No debería haber sido tan grosero, por favor, perdóname, Shou ...?

shou: Sabes ... mi padre me dejó en este lugar llamado "orfanato" porque no era lo que él esperaba que fuera.

pero no me siento mal por eso, y yo no lo odio.

porque estoy seguro de mí mismo, y me siento que vale la pena luchar por la aprobación de mi padre, para que podamos ser felices juntos otra vez!

Hibiki: El resplandor que emana a través de su aura son tan pacífico!

shou: Lo siento Hibiki, yo no quise hacerte recordar los recuerdos desagradables. Si así es como son las cosas para vosotros dos, entonces lo siento mucho.

Me voy ahora. Espero, podemos tener helado de nuevo en algún momento!

Hibiki: shou, espera! Me equivoqué contigo, realmente eres un super héroe, y eres realmente mucho más fuerte de lo que aparentas! Realmente te admiro por ello.
JJ to the fantasy- 2nd transformation by BiPinkBunny
JJ to the fantasy- 2nd transformation
finally finished ... here are all the new designs of JJ'S BOYS transformations.
I changed the design of Hibiki, both in color and in some details XD
here the older one: Hibiki/Benny evolution 2 by BiPinkBunny

This transformation is like a special version that demonstrates their true power :meow: (in other words, this power hasn't to do with the technology of Jomo and yes it is something that was born of each of them)

I used concepts of rpg's fantasy  in this design XD
shirou-Bully/Buddy is inspired by the thief character, Hibiki-Benny is inspired by a knight and Shou-Bardo is a bard XD

I hope you enjoy.

Designs created by: :iconphrysethadopt: 
Onlyne Z Chap.4- Not your common rrb team 31 by BiPinkBunny
Onlyne Z Chap.4- Not your common rrb team 31
page 31

next: Onlyne Z Chap.4- Not your common rrb team 32 by BiPinkBunny

previous: Onlyne Z Chap.4- Not your common rrb team 30 by BiPinkBunny

página 31

Hibiki: "la felicidad que se extiende como una melodía ?!"

Shirou: esta es probablemente la cosa más rara y más estúpido que he visto en mi vida ...

bueno, entonces has venido aqui para capturarme? Ha! Buen intento, pero no eres el único que tiene un dispositivo mágico aquí!

mira esto! Hah! Ahora éste tiene el poder para poner fin a su vida social! Después de publicar un vídeo con su espectáculo mágico en Internet, todo el mundo se reirá de ti y su secreto! Sonríe a la cámara !!

Hey! ¿Podría dar la vuelta al frente y hacer algo estúpido para la cámara?

shou: oh, Dios mío, ¿dónde está? Papá no me enseñó bien cómo usar este dispositivo ....

* Ignorado por completo *

Shirou: este chico es realmente extraño ...


Hibiki: hey shirou, vamos a tomar esta oportunidad para salir de aquí rápido!

Shirou: no me digas que tienes miedo de que todo eso brillo verde!

Hibiki: No es eso! Si yo fuera tu no me subestimaria la situación.

Shirou: oh! Ahora te preocupas por mí! estamos viendo un "segundo" milagro este día ?!

Shou: ¡Ajá! aquí lo tienes!


Shirou: mira, ahora él sacó un juguete fuera de su teléfono!

shou: lahh !!

shirou: que pasa?!


shou: Tah-dah! ¡Funcionó! Me las arreglé para capturar a ti!

robar las cosas es errado! Espero que aprendas a ser un buen chico de ahora en adelante!

Te llevaré a la policía, y allí van a decidir qué hacer con tu!

Vuelvo en un instante!

Hibiki: policía?!

hey espera! ¡No lo hagas!

shou: ¿qué?!

Hibiki: por favor, sé shirou hizo algunas cosas malas en el pasado y no hay una razón lógica para que te pida esto, pero no lo haga!
si es arrestado, la policía no va a darle una segunda oportunidad otra ves! Él podría ser expulsado del orfanato e incluso de la escuela. El no tienes para onde ir!

shou: Yo ... yo no sabía las cosas eran así para Shirou.

ya veo...

No tenía ninguna duda de que estaba haciendo lo correcto!

Shirou: agh!

Me voy, pero no creo que se quedará así, bardo!

* corre *
Onlyne Z Chap.4- Not your common rrb team 30 by BiPinkBunny
Onlyne Z Chap.4- Not your common rrb team 30
page 30

next: Onlyne Z Chap.4- Not your common rrb team 31 by BiPinkBunny

previous: Onlyne Z Chap.4- Not your common rrb team 29 by BiPinkBunny

página 30

shou: todos dijeron que estaría aquí. Akagi Hibiki!

Es un chico inteligente y muy bueno en muchos deportes diferentes!

Tan genial!

el día de hoy él me ayudó, y yo no lo podría agradecer. Tengo que hablar con él!

Shirou: gran juego, mi amigo! nunca decepciona a sus fans!

shou: uh? ¿Es el mismo chico rubio de la cafetería, shirou!

han expresiones mortales, van a luchar ?!

Shirou: así no importa, tienes un minuto? Quiero hablar contigo de algo.

shou: Oh no, se están yendo! Voy tras ellos!

Estoy seguro de que se fueron de esta manera ...

Hibiki: entonces eso es lo que temes ...

tienes miedo de que le digo a la policía de que usted es el nuevo ladrón en esta área ?! oh por favor!

Esto no es un misterio para nadie. ¿Por qué crees que haría algo así?!

Shirou: es simple, que me odia. Y así, la primera persona que viene a mi mente es usted.

shou: el ladrón ... entonces ... tú eres el criminal ?!

Shirou: bien bien, si no es el baby-baka-chan!

¿qué estás haciendo aquí? Nadie te ha dicho que sea malo escuchar la conversación de otras personas ?!

shou: oh mi Dios, que es verdad! Lo siento. Estoy aquí porque quería hablar con Hibiki!

Hibiki: conmigo?!

shou: Ahora, acerca de ti!
Me has engañado! ¿Cómo podría no haber sospechado que alguien con un hermoso cabello dorado como el tuyo ?!

shou: eres inteligente, pero no escaparás!

hora de cambiar!

El poder de JJ, vamos!

Mi nombre es Bardo, la felicidad que se propaga como una melodía

hibiki/shirou: Bardo?!
PUFF-RUFF Z CHiB set- REDZ by BiPinkBunny
*update on BLOSSOM'S colors version.

ehehe well people ...
I have a warning, This week, I WON'T MAKE A UPDATE OF THE COMIC .... because I don't have time to work on it on this week ^^;...

BUT ....  to compensate for the fact that long ago that I don't draw PPGZ and rrbz and also to train new styles and colors, I decided to do a set of chibis on them.
I'll do on all of them, but at the moment, there are Blossom and Brick xD

you can get the individual versions of the pic here: 


No Preview

i really like how brick coming out here :D i hope u enjoy them.

for comission here: Point Commission Sheet by BiPinkBunny


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:points: :iconpointcommissionsopen: :points:
Commissions not requests by MariposaBullet I Support Fair Art Trades Stamp by vera-san Supporting Supporters by Foxxie-Chan



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