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Give to BiPinkBunny by MOUCHbart JJB by teacupballerina
Point Commission - BiPinkBunny by AlineSM The one and only by ITBluebeadTI :Gift: Make a Wish by kuku88
Birthday gift for BiPinkBunny - 2 by AlineSM Their Differences by altrilast13 Commission 3 Boys by Kur0-sakura JJB Flash by Kari-Usagi [C] For Bipinkbunny by PrinceOfRedroses [Art Trade] For bipinkbunny by PrinceOfRedroses [C] For BiPinkBunny by PrinceOfRedroses The JJ-Boys by Enthriex AT: Onlyn Z-The JJ Boys by DAsKeTcHeRZ
AT: Trio by yukisnishika Turtle Love after by Nagito55 HappyBirthdayShou! by Nagito55 Green brothers by Nagito55 Happy Birthday Bianca-san! by Nagito55

Turtle LoveHello! This is a birthday gift for :iconBiPinkBunny:'s O.C., Shou. Even though his birthday already passed a week ago and its late, I still wanted to give this as a present to him since he's an awesome character! Anyways, BiPinkBunny owns her O.C.'s Shou and Kasumi and I only own the plot. Enjoy the story!

Shou's p.o.v.
"Happy birthday, Shou-kun!"
"Thank you! You're so kind!"
"I got you a present, Shou-kun!"
"Really? You're so nice!"
"This is for you, Shou!"
"All of you are so sweet!"
I continued to thank all of my classmates as they gave me the gifts or said happy birthday to me. Yes, today is my birthday. The day that I was first created by Jomo. Even though my birth was different, I still think of this day as my birthday. It shows that I'm alive and existed to make a huge change in the world. And I did change the world by helping to find two boys who would help me protect the city. The two boys who became my family, Hibiki and Shirou.
I was
Bunny LoveHi, my fellow DA viewers! I'm making this fic for everyone who wants to read a Shirou X Minako story. I want to dedicate this to :iconBiPinkBunny: on her hard work for making those amazing comics and drawings of the PPGZ, RRBZ, JJ Boys, and PPNKGZ. She's a genius in creating the JJ Boys and the style and personality on what the PPNKGZ are like! :D I only own the plot and :iconBiPinkBunny: owns her O.C.'s Shirou/Buddy/Bully and Minako/Brat. I hope you all like it!
Minako's p.o.v.
I felt my pigtails being blown against the small breeze. The atmosphere was calm and normal but slightly boring. I decided to take a shortcut through the woods to get home faster. I didn't want to take the usual route because it seemed too plain and simple. Taking it everyday is a bore and it take a while to get home with the route I usually take.
Luckily, I spotted this path in the woods when I flew right over it one time and saw that it cuts through the park that would give me a short distance t
Puppy LoveHey everyone! This fic is a birthday present for my dear friend :iconDarth-Brick:. I know that her birthday passed but I still wanted to give her this fic as a present since we've been the best of friends ever since I met her on Deviantart! :D
This fic will feature Hibiki/Benny and Moriko/Berserk. Hibiki/Benny belongs to :iconBiPinkBunny: so the rights of that character belongs to her and Berserk belongs to her respective owner but the name Moriko also belongs to :iconBiPinkBunny:. Enjoy the story!

Moriko's p.o.v.
Stupid Hibiki! Stupid school! Stupid plan that Minako came up with! Its impossible to keep an eye on that boy because he's always been avoiding me! But not only that, he had his eye on me from the distance and wouldn't stop narrowing his eyes at me. I hate him so much! He thinks that he's the leader and does everything perfect just because that dumb monkey thought of him as the perfect hero for this city!
Well, who ca

Benny Fox TransformationHibiki P.O.V
I walked in my room, my bag hanging on my side. I opened my planner to see what I had to do. School was going good so far, besides, I have the highest grades in my classes. The others keep saying that should take a break, but I simply refused. But now, I actually want to right now. I wish I could chill back and relax. Yes, that sounds nice. On a nice pleasant day, I could lean back and chill, having nothing to care or worry about. But, I know that if I am responsible and do my homework, my master would be proud. I sighed. Relaxing is never going to happen. I'll just keep working and working and working... Ugh! I can't take this anymore. I want to relax so badly! BUT I CAN'T! How can I?! But then I realized today is a Friday. Hmm... just maybe... I can sneak out and enjoy the moonlight. Yep, that is what I'm going to do. Hmm, but how? 
I put my stuff down on my desk of my room. I sat down on the bed, thinking how I'm going to sneak out with all of those cameras.
Feel The Love : A Benny X Buddy Fan-fiction(Warning: Sexual Content, and it’s been written by a 13 year old)
~Hello to anyone who is reading this, I wrote to say, I’m gay. That’s right. I’m. Gay. With my ‘brother’, Shirou. You see, there was an incident where I was walking by a random tree while Shou was picking some flowers, and then I saw Shirou walking, and then tripping, bumping into me, kissing me on the lips. I didn’t want to tell him this, but… his lips felt warm against mine, and I swore, I felt his tongue on mine. Shou doesn’t know this, but if he did… I don’t know, but then we did something that I thought we were never going to do…~   Enjoy (?)
One night, our master and the others (including Shou) were going out, and were going to leave us alone to be security for the night. Heck, even Shou said that we may know each other better to be friends again. I and Shirou disagreed. We asked Grey to stay, but she said she just had her son,
JJ Boys and Grey funny momentsBenny: Is something burning?
(Buddy opens oven to find Grey)
Buddy: What are you doing?!
Grey: I’m trying to get a good score on ‘Hot or Not’, I think I’m on fire!
Grey: If I were Helen Keller.
(Grey shoots three darts, not knowing that she hit and killed Benny, Bardo, and Buddy.)  
Grey: Did I do it? (No reply) …guys?
(Fox Benny, Cat Buddy, Dog Bardo, and Wolf Grey see a bowl of delicious fruit, but it’s on the other side of a long, rushing river. Oh how were they to get it?)
Wolf Grey: You know guys we could build a bridge- (get interrupted)
(Grey hears three guy yells as she sees Fox Benny and Dog Bardo adept to across, but is struggling, while Cat Buddy starts slipping on a rock he apparently hopped on)  
Grey: (face-palms and groans out) … Idiots…
(Benny, Buddy, and Bardo stand around, and then they glow brightly, when they stopped glowing, Benny was an anthro fox, Buddy an anthro cat, and Bardo a
After the Kiss: A Buddy X Bardo fan-fiction                                          (Warning: A bit graphic, and it’s written by a 13 year old)
~Hello everyone, my name is Shou, just call me that, you see, I found out I was gay with my own brother, Shirou. What? No, Grey was not a part of this. It just happened a week ago. Let me tell all who are reading this how it happened, enjoy. ~
I was sitting in my room, talking with Grey. She mostly talks about her problems and wants to know what it’s like to have a child. I personally and really don’t know about the child stuff and to her problems, I say she can still believe she fix anything if she takes it on, it works… a little bit. I feel sad for her. Today, she was talking about the name for her new son until we heard a knock on my door.
*sigh* I absolutely had no idea what was goi



PayPal Commissions OPEN

Mon Jul 6, 2015, 10:17 AM
Welcome :meow: and thanks for visit my journal <3


Commissions are Open

Points acept
 USD Dollars or in points (1 USD = 100 Points)

FULL BODY- $10 and $6 for extra.Characters.
NSFW- $2 extra.

Comish. Hot Summer by BiPinkBunny Comish- Cold winter by BiPinkBunny Comish- PPGZ X RRBZ sons by BiPinkBunny Comish- Rosaline by BiPinkBunny 1-bc by BiPinkBunnyJJ- Animal-Boyz by BiPinkBunny Commish- Bubbles poses by BiPinkBunny 
Buuxpan by BiPinkBunny Clownboys2 by BiPinkBunny OCtina by BiPinkBunny P.comish- Numbuh 3 and Numbuh 5 Z by BiPinkBunny Seasonal Witch! by BiPinkBunny Comish- Akuma x Momoko by BiPinkBunny PPGD: Sparks Fly Everywhere In Sight by BiPinkBunny--benny-- by BiPinkBunny

COMIC. - The first 6 frames costs $25

:star: Extra-frame- betwen $2 and $6 per Frame

Star! Simulation : This comic:ComicComish. PPGZ and the hypnotist P1 by BiPinkBunny  has 12 frames.

so the price was... $25 + 6* $4 = $49.

It is how it works XD

:star: I'll do: 
-Ecchi /NSFW
-shonen Ai 
-shojo Ai 
- Crack shipp.
-fan art 

:star: styles I do :
-PPGZ-Powerpuff girls
- Pokemon
-Inazuma Eleven
-my own Style

And many others, do not be afraid to ask!

:star: RULES:
:bulletblue: I'll only do 2 or 3 changes on the sketch (hairstyle, lines ,lack of details , modifications on the pose ect. I won't draw other pose or sketch.
That's because counts as other sketch job ,okay?)

:bulletpink: Once started the lineart and finished the job I won't make changes =( (Sad) so I'll send a pre sketch before,you can only ask for minor modifications like color change, add or remove, details, eye color, skin and obviously i won't refunds after of start/finished the work -w-



Commission list:

1- :iconchoheichan:
2- :iconrocuevas:



BiPinkBunny has started a donation pool!
1,502 / 10,000
:bulletpink::star: POINT COMMISSION1 by Queen-Soulia :star::bulletpink:
Point Commission Sheet by BiPinkBunny

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Onlyne Z Chap.4- Not your common rrb team 53 by BiPinkBunny
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